Thursday, 15 October 2015

OPINION:"Was there match-fixing to harm Lautoka in the 2015 IDC?" By Henry Dyer, 15 October 2015.

Sugar City Blues: Was there match-fixing to harm Lautoka in the 2015 IDC? Article by Henry Dyer, 15 October 2015
Henry Dyer and Lote Delai.
The comments we received from the fans and the public suggested that no-one is happy about the alleged match-fixing as Nadi is such a big district in Fiji. If it really happened this is unsportsmanlike and the people who are responsible are killing the game of soccer. They should not have bothered to go as low especially as it was an IDC and Lautoka is a neighbour. Lautoka has always been good to Nadi and I can’t understand how Nadi could accept such a negative situation. In return the whole of Nadi and the nation went against the Nadi team just by listening to the public opinion. If it is true then Fiji Football should put a stop to it. The interest in the sport and the passion for the sport will continue to decline if these events occur even though soccer is slowly starting to rise again (as evidenced by the 10,000 crowd at the IDC Final).
Maybe Nadi town area should have a new district team created (based at Namaka, for example). Then the competition will be good for Nadi Soccer and Nadi Town will always have a second team there in the tournament. I believe Namaka could make it to the top as Nadi Town has the financial and the monetary support.
Nadi legends Henry Dyer and Inosi Tora.
To have a fixed match at the IDC tournament would be very unusual, surprising, and unsportsmanlike (if it really did occur). These comments are based on my discussions with the fans at the grog bowl, at the market, at the funeral, at the bar, and wherever. The conclusion of all these discussions was the words: “It is unbelievable for this to happen to Nadi”. This is what people have been saying. If there was a fixed match perhaps this could have put a curse upon Nadi in the final (a game in which Nadi did not function at all)? [By Henry Dyer and Kieran James, 15 October 2015, written on the top floor of the Central Club, Ba Town, which is the Soccer Crazy Town where all the drama played itself out last week.]
The barman at Ba Central Club accepts a Fiji Gold from Henry Dyer (third from left) while Ba and Fiji legend Semi Tabaiwalu (first on left) looks on.
There was a good relationship between Nadi and Lautoka in the 1980s and it continues into the present day. Why would Nadi want to hurt Lautoka? The picture shows Nadi player Henry Dyer with Lautoka defender Wally Mausio @ Lautoka Club, late 2014. Dyer himself played the middle part of his career with Lautoka and he grew up in Namoli Village. He is welcomed by old friends whenever he visits the Sugar City.
Henry Dyer has a Fiji Gold late one night @ Renee's Pub, Naviti Street, Lautoka, while the barman (who sadly has since left the Sugar City) looks on. Relationships were always good between Nadi and Lautoka fans and supporters and we want that to continue. Henry Dyer himself played for both districts.
Henry Dyer (right) with one of the old-time Nadi hardcore fans from long ago (centre) in Nadi Town. It may not be like the 1980s anymore but the excitement still rises in town on the day before a big night game at Prince Charles Park. The fans need to be able to respect the team and the integrity of the leadership.

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